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About our Warranty

Jefferson Professional Tools & Equipment warrants its customers that its products will be free of defects in workmanship or material. We shall, upon suitable notification, correct any defects, by repair or replacement, of any parts or components of this product that we determine to be faulty or defective. This warranty is void if the equipment has been subjected to improper installation, storage, alteration, abnormal operations, improper care, unauthorised service or repair.

A limited warranty statement is included with each product that is covered by warranty, together with details of the applicable warranty period, warranty limitations, claims and returns process. Please consult this statement before attempting to return any equipment on the basis of warranty cover. If you have misplaced or no longer have the warranty statement please contact us to request a replacement.

This warranty is non-transferable and is only available to users in the UK and Eire. Customers living outside UK/Eire should contact their local distributor for details of cover available for your equipment.

Warranty Period

Jefferson will assume both the parts and labour expense of correcting defects during the warranty period stated in the user manual included with your equipment. All warranty periods start from the date of purchase from an authorised Jefferson dealer. If proof of purchase is unavailable from the end user, then the date of purchase will be deemed to be 3 months after the initial sale to the distributor.

Important: All parts used in the repair or replacement of warranty covered equipment will be subject to a minimum of 90 days cover or the remaining duration of the warranty period from the original date of purchase.

Warranty Returns

If you have a faulty piece of equipment that is covered under warranty please complete our online Warranty Returns Form to allow us to arrange collection:

Warranty Registration and Activation

If you have purchased a piece of equipment and would like to register and activate your warranty please complete the Warranty Registration Form: